The new effortless way to open jars

Quopener Easy Jar Opener is now available!

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See how it works

The best jar opener yet

  • Open jars in any size or shape
  • No need to hold the jar or lid
  • No need to squeeze, just push

A safe and durable kitchen tool

The Quopener Easy Jar Opener is designed for everybody, regardless of age, gender or physical ability. It enhances independence in the kitchen.

The jar opener without limitations

Most jar opening aids only provide better grip on the lid – you still need to hold the jar tightly. Other solutions cannot open jars that don’t have a vacuum, or jars that become sticky over time.  

Unique features

None of the products currently on the market offer these unique features combined:

We are looking for interested parties to bring the Quopener Easy Jar Opener to the market.

If you are interested in :

  • Taking a Licensing agreement to manufacture and sell the Quopener
  • Becoming a distributor for the Quopener
  • Investing in the Quopener with your market knowledge and experience

Or if you have any other question, please contact: