Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is the Easy Jar Opener better than other jar openers?

Opening a jar requires a strong grip on both the lid and the jar and strong force to make a twisting motion. Most other jar openers provide only a better grip, but you still require a lot of force to turn the lid. The Easy Jar Opener does it all for you, simply by pushing the handles. You don’t even need to hold the jar or the lid. Also, the Easy Jar Opener is designed to fit any shape of jar and lid, not just round ones, and it openers all jars, with our without vacuum.

Can the Easy Jar Opener be used for jars with thick plastic lids, like peanut butter?

Yes, the Easy Jar Opener can also be used for jars with plastic lids, thin or thick. Unopened peanut butter jars do not have vacuum, but it can still be very difficult to open them. The Easy Jar Opener makes it very easy.

For which size jars can the Easy Jar Opener be used?

The Easy Jar Opener can be used for jars with diameters of approximately 5-9 cm (2”- 3.6”).

Is the Easy Jar Opener really that easy to use?

It really is. Initially you have to get used to how the Easy Jar Opener moves, but users quickly adapt to this. Besides, the Easy Jar Opener comes with a clear 3-step instruction card so that people who haven’t seen it in action can start using it right away.

Link to the instruction videos'.

What material is the Eay Jar Opener made of?

The handles are made of the plastic Polypropyleen and the rubbers of a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). The spring is made of stainless steel.

Is the Easy Jar Opener dishwasher safe?

Yes the Easy Jar Opener is dishwasher-safe, but preferably you just wash it with warm water.

Is the Easy Jar Opener safe in contact with food?

Yes, all materials used for the Easy Jar Opener are safe to be in contact with food.

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