Refund policy

In case the customer is not satisfied with the product for valid reasons and fulfilling the conditions listed below, the purchase amount can be refunded.

  • Refund can only be requested in case the product does not work satisfactory
  • Customer must have carefully watched all instruction videos available at the Quopener website
  • Customer must have tried to open at least 5 jars with the guidance of the Instruction videos
  • Refund is possible up to maximum 2 weeks after receipt of the product
  • A refund can only be requested for orders of maximum 2 products
  • Only the costs of the product(s) will be refunded, not the shipping costs
  • A short questionnaire should be completed to be eligible for a refund

In order to request a refund, customer shall send an e-mail to with the request for refund and details of the order (name, order number, address).